Pseudoscorpion (SEM)

Scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of a Pseudoscorpion (Lamprochernes nodosus). These diminutive predators belong to the Order Pseudoscorpionida of the Class Arachnida and are related to spiders, mites and true scorpions. They are a common synanthropic species of compost and manure heaps. Their menacing stance gives the animal a scorpion-like appearance from which they derive their name. At the front of the body are two powerful, usually venomous, articulated pincer-like claws or pedipalps used for catching prey, fighting, manipulating material for nest building and mating. Pseudoscorpions are aggressive hunters and strict carnivores. They are also aggressive towards each other and if in close enough proximity will readily attack. Magnification x112 (x28 at 10cm wide)

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