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Do you want to make your website look amazing or add some really stunning graphics to your project.   Just check out these science micrographs and other high quality science images. 

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About Scanning Electron Micrographs

Water bear (or tardigrade). Scanning electron micrograph of a water bear (echiniscus granulatus). In dry conditions, they can enter a cryptobiotic tun (or barrel) state of dessication to survive. When in this state, they can survive extreme environments including the vacuum of space and are classed as extremeophiles.
Bruchid beetle penis (Callosobruchus maculatus) ouch!!

We are one of the largest science photo libraries on the web, boasting a huge range of high-quality scanning electron micrographs (SEMs) and photo micrographs. We also offer a variety of science videos covering many different topics, as well as an extensive collection of natural history photographs.

We have our own in-house digital scanning electron microscope and light microscopes, both equipped with dedicated digital capturing facilities. Our science images are used widely in all forms of modern media for educational, scientific, corporate and general interest purposes.

Most of the science images that we offer are produced using our own scanning electron microscope (SEM), which enables us to produce detailed scanning electron micrographs. These SEM images are produced to a very high quality – electron micrographs take us into a realm previously unseen by the human eye! You’ll find images of many different things as you browse our science image library, including chromosomes, blood cells, insects, plants, and microscopic flora and fauna.

Reindeer Hair. 

These images show before and after colouring.  The electron microscope captures images in greyscale and they have to be coloured to bring them back to life. 

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